Bitcoin Code Review and Opinions - Fraud / Scam or real opportunities ?!

Today we want to do an analysis of  Bitcoin Code , a robot that makes trading with Bitcoin, so they say made by  Steve Mckay , while for the Bitcoin Code in Italian by  Stefano Savarese. Even here there is an important point to note! Why there would be two different creators for the English version and the Italian ?! In my opinion it should be a single person??

To say that  Bitcoin Code is a scam or a real opportunity  definitely not for me, but I will try to highlight the pros and cons.

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If by chance you have got to get into the page  the Bitcoin code , you'll notice right away is Bitcoin Code a legitimate website that the upper right corner tell you that there are only 4 other copies available, this is an old trick to attract the customer's attention, because he comes soon desire not to miss the opportunity, and in this case the gain Bitcoin. And if you wait on that page, the number of available copies start decreasing in real time! Cute trick!

We also note what they write in bold type: " 13,000 € guaranteed in exactly 24 hours " ... oh my God I'd  care  to all these pretty easy money in no time! Ok trading with Bitcoin, however, seem to me very high figures to be something true and safe! Everyone now looking like  money online and work from home , but here are exaggerating!

What is it and how Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code therefore is a software  trading operating with Bitcoin  in Binary Options mode and say they can do crazy amounts every month! I do not believe, you do not know what you're thinking, and I would very carefully. In other words, therefore, it is a software that works with binary options but on Bitcoin, seems to be a magical robot ??Among other things never trust in my robots and software that operate in the forex trading and binary options.

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But who is Stefano Savarese ?!

As you can see is called a genius as well as the  CEO of Bitcoin Code ... but the  Italian version , while the English one would Steve Mckay. It is not strange that? That is the CEO of a company should be the same??

Doing research on the net it seems this Stefano Savarese is a fictional character

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These  reviews  with these faces and these names are already seen in other trading robots! Pure randomness, or these "customers" are customers of all trading robots ?!??

To conclude this review and opinions in Italian, we want you to note company website that with a deposit of only 250 € seems too magical to earn all that money Bitcoin Code promises you, then without giving a final judgment I would say just be careful, that's all.

I remember the famous  Italian Method ??

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- Dusty